New Year Resolutions – What are yours?

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Finally, it’s dead and gone! 2020 is gone! Hallelujah praise the Lord! That bastardized year did not earn a good name in anyone’s books. It’s now time for our annual overnight metamorphosis into good beings. It’s time to release our New Year resolutions.

Every new year, I set resolutions. I know everyone on this planet claims to hate resolutions, but I would like to think we all set goals. If so, then what’s the difference? Goals are good. They keep you focused on something, a bull’s eye to aim for. So, even though most people would like to think they hate resolutions, we all actually do make them in one form or the other without having to use the same nomenclature.  

For the year 2018, I wrote this piece, and it turned out that I was able to achieve several of the listed goals. That was reassuring especially for a new year resolution hater like me. In 2019, I made a vision board, which to me was basically the same as a list of resolutions.

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I see resolutions not as a list of tangible things that I’d like to acquire, but behavioural changes that’ll help me grow. Most of us aspire for growth and maturity while refusing to let go of our childish behaviours. Growth is painful and that’s why I don’t strive to achieve it all at once. In fact, growth inherently is a continuous process. There’s no stopping point. So, even though I know some of you may not be fans of this whole New Year resolution fuss, please bear with me and read on. I promise you it’s not another of those “New Year, new me” kind of list. I am going to list out some small shifts I’d like to pursue to grow from who I was to who I want to be.

First, for 2021, I’m not making any vision boards. I think I’m done with those for now. I made one for 2020, most of which involved travelling but the joke was on me. I couldn’t achieve a single travel plan. I achieved a few other things, which were not originally on my list, though. My resolution in this light is to let God do His thing. This pandemic has taught me to not be overly reliant on my plans, so I’ll relax a bit in that regard.

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I need a fresh perspective in my spiritual life. In the past year, I read the New International Version (NIV) and Good News versions of the Bible during my devotions. I want to read the Bible but with a different translation. Hopefully, I will see certain portions from a fresh perspective. In that light, do you have any recommendations? Please let me know in the comment section below.

In 2021, I want to be more generous. I have been generous with other aspects of my life, but I want to learn to be generous in kind. So, expect some random gifts coming your way if you’re in my circles. Financially, I’m not there yet, but I’m sure simple gifts will go a long way to make my friends more endeared to me.

Further, I want to learn to be shrewd like Jesus. I am known to be a straight talker. I tend to say what’s on my heart without mincing words.  Jesus, while here on earth, knew his audience. He knew they wanted to trap him with their trick questions. He always read their minds and dealt with them in a way to awe the observers while leaving the questioners confused and disappointed. That’s where I’m lacking. People always get the words they want from me. That can be dangerous for a man of my calibre who is likely to be in the forefront in the future. Hence, I need to learn to mince my words and speak only when necessary.

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Let me quickly list the other goals that I don’t entirely have control over. I hope that in 2021, I will finally be called Dr Azam. I want to be consistent with this blog and my YouTube channel, producing more life changing articles and tutorials. I want to continue building my personal brand and learning more about personal branding in the social media space. I want to add a new portfolio to my investments. I pray for a financial advancement; a job or a postdoc position that pays well. I would like to get my driver’s license in 2021 (that was one of my resolutions in 2020). Finally, I want to read more non-academic books.

These are but a few resolutions I’m setting for myself. Most of them sound well-articulated but I doubt they are easy to achieve. However, I’ll keep working on myself and see what the year brings me.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. May it turn out to be your best year yet. May your prayers come true!

What are your resolutions? Let’s talk about it below.