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Today I Saw…

Who makes the rules? — Jim’s Musings

Men do not wear skirts; women do not wear trousers!In Scotland, some men wear skirtsWho makes the rules? You eat beef, I eat batsYou find mine disgusting, but yours is notSome Indians eat not beef, neither do some South Africans, goatsMy food is disgusting to them, theirs is to meWho makes the rules? Be married […]

Who makes the rules? — Jim’s Musings

Thorns & Roses🌹.

My friend Liz is challenging herself to a poem per each day of November. This is the first of them. It talks about the two-sided nature of life’s experiences. Even though life is not entirely black or white, it is safe to divide our experiences into two categories – good and bad. That is what I get from her first poem and I hope you learn a thing or two from it too. Enjoy.

Lizzie's Journal

Life is never a bed of roses,
And even if it were, as it is;
Roses have thorns.
Good things don’t last.
Well bad things don’t either.
Life is, and requires, a balance of both.
Roses have thorns.
Some thorns have roses.
Yet, roses are beautiful.
Life can be rosy,
Life can be thorny,
Life can be beautiful.

Thirty days, thirty poems, November challenge. Day one. Hope you enjoyed it. Comments and criticisms are welcome.



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